About ELR …

Economic Life Recovery has become a mission.  A mission for me to take full responsibility of my “personal economy” … and to help others do the same.

There are times in life where I’ve had a radical shift in thinking … a BIG “Aha” moment if you will.   And one of these shifts came when I had the opportunity to see Zig Zigler speak some years ago.  His simple statement shook the foundation of my thinking and set me on a course that is still unfolding today.

He said …

“The stock market will go up, and the stock market will go down.  The real estate market will go up, and the real estate market will go down.  No matter what the markets do, YOUR PERSONAL ECONOMY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.”


With growing uncertainty in the financial markets here and abroad, an economic recovery seems light years away.  And if you are waiting for the government to fix your woes … or anyone else for that matter… you may be waiting a very long time.

This is where Economic Life Recovery seeks to fill the gap … to help YOU create and maintain your own “personal” economic recovery.

Yes, we are still under construction here, but keep coming back as we will be unfolding  strategies, tools, and tips  for increasing the value of your personal economy and your life.

And if you want those tips and tools at light speed … sign up for email updates.  It only takes a second and you never know what “simple statement” may become your BIG  “Aha”  moment.

About Me …

My name is Nicholas Brack.  I am a writer, entrepreneur, husband, dad, and recovering hedge fund manager.  I’ve had more than 17 years of experience in venture finance, start-ups, alternative investments, and global enterprise expansion.

I’ve had the privilege of travelling the world (not enough I might add) … working on projects in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Asia.  But in all my successes (and failures) one thing has been glaringly evident.  In discovering the life I thought I wanted … I had buried the one I’d been given.

So, I made the decision to stop trying to discover life … and recover the life that was already in me.  Without doubt, the life I am destined to live  … the one I am recovering now … is MUCH better than then life I thought I wanted.

And I will continue to write about it here at  ELR.

So bare with me, its a work in progress. And keep coming back  as this site expands (or better yet sign up for my free email updates).  You never know when one “nugget” … like the Zig Zigler moment for me … will transform your thinking and set you on a course to recover the life YOU were destined to live.

Godspeed …

Nicholas Brack


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