Out of the Mouth of Babes, a Banking Revolution!

The following is not your typical exchange between a Mom and her pre-teen daughter …


Daughter:   “Mom would you mind taking me to the mall today? I want to use the gift card Grandma sent me.”

Mom:           “Sure honey. I had some errands to run anyway.  Let’s go after lunch.”

Daughter:   “Great! Thanks Mom.

“Oh by the way … after you’re done with the errands, can we go get some ice cream?  I’d like to sit down and discuss some of my research on monetary policy and the collusion between the central bank and our government — especially as it relates to using debt as the de facto money supply.  I just want to make sure I’m ready for my talk next week at the Public Banking Institute Conference in Philadelphia.”

You’d have to agree, this wouldn’t be your typical heart-to-heart chat between a parent and a “tween” girl.  But it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen … or, at least, something close to it.

You see, on April 27, the Public Banking Institute Conference took place in Philadelphia.  And at that conference, 12-year-old Victoria Grant gave a scathing appraisal of the centralized banking system of Canada and potential alternatives for the future.

Of course, Canada’s debts and continuous spending are substantially smaller than the United States’.  But Miss Grant could have easily been referring to the U.S. in her talk — or any other centralized banking system, for that matter.

The point is … this young girl gets it and she’s doing something about it.  She took the time to educate herself enough to speak intelligently about the issues and engage in the public dialogue.  Oh, and don’t forget … SHE’S ONLY 12!

As I discussed Miss Grant’s video with a colleague, he said he would rather hear about these complex issues from someone who really knew what was going on, say someone in the 35-and-older camp.

But frankly, I disagree.

The fact that Miss Grant is only 12 years old makes her message all the more compelling.  She is truly speaking for HER generation in a respectful, convincing and meaningful way.

And she’s gotten many people to start thinking.

Heck, if a 12-year old girl can educate herself on something this important, maybe others will believe they can … and should … do the same.

Of course, no one can tackle these complex issues by themselves.  But when you watch the video below you will realize none of us have to go at this alone.  Make sure to pay attention to the closing remarks and the quote from Margaret Mead.

When Ms. Mead’s quote comes from the heart of a child … from the mouth of babes … its meaning becomes all the more rich!

Enjoy the video and you can also learn more about the Campaign for a Sound Dollar.

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  1. I’m blown away by the clear-headed thinking and the depth of knowledge this 12-year old displays. I’ve been worried about the younger generations for years, wondering if they would follow endlessly in the steps of the me generation, which abdicated control of their own finances for the instant pleasures they demanded. I know my parents’ generation barely knew the concept of debt, other than their mortgage. I sincerely hope everyone who hears this speech will take action.

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