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If You’re in a Hole … Stop Digging!

Maybe it’s the new book. Or maybe because he’s arguably the most-vocal economist of this generation.  Either way, he’s everywhere.  And it’s not just his daily posts at The New York Times that are raising eyebrows. He’s on CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, National Public Radio and many other media outlets.  Not to mention countless print publications […]

This is the worst day ever … how’s yours going?

I was in the break room when a coworker from another department walked in.  Within seconds we got to the “Hi, how are you” exchange … promptly followed by the obligatory “I’m good, thanks.” But today was different. As I was speaking something inside me gave me pause.  I finished getting water from the cooler […]

Out of the Mouth of Babes, a Banking Revolution!

The following is not your typical exchange between a Mom and her pre-teen daughter …   Daughter:   “Mom would you mind taking me to the mall today? I want to use the gift card Grandma sent me.” Mom:           “Sure honey. I had some errands to run anyway.  Let’s go after lunch.” Daughter:   “Great! Thanks […]