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Entrepreneurs: Modern Day Heroes and Heroines

As the global economy cycles through the worst growth in half a century … Entrepreneurs, both Hero and Heroine, will be at the center of any true recovery. And rightfully so.  Its the ability of the entrepreneur to see an unmet need in society, have the desire to meet that need, and the courage to make it […]

Funding the Government … One Minute at a Time.

You’ve likely heard the phrase “I have more month than money.”  It’s usually said informally by someone who is on a tight budget or might be struggling a bit financially.  And if your budget is on a monthly basis, this illustration this makes total sense. What if you’re not on a monthly budget, but rather […]

Dollar Coin: Pop Psychology or Real Change?

Both the House and Senate have introduced legislation that seeks to replace the dollar bill with a $1 coin. At first blush, it almost seems like a silly proposition … and after taking a deeper look … you’ll see that it is! Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.), said. “Change can be difficult. But doing things as […]