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How to Run Your House like the Government!

The federal budget proposed by the current administration … with its estimated tax revenues, massive debts, legacy entitlements and many other line items … is a complex MESS of numbers. So, in order to better understand what’s really going on, the ever-inquisitive John Stossel has taken the liberty of breaking down the budget—family style. Fair warning:  you […]

Where is the Minister of Financial Sanity?

I find it interesting that the word “minister” is often used to describe positions of leadership in both the state and the church.  While the U.S. government doesn’t use the title of “minister” for functions of the state, the title still caries considerable weight and power. For instance, the Prime Minister of a country typically […]

Had your fill of Bread and Circuses?

 “… the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses.” Juvenal, Satire X (circa 100 AD ) In this quote from “Satire X,” the Roman poet Juvenal observes two tenets of Roman society … not long […]