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As You Thinketh about Money … So It Is!

You are what you think.  Your character and being are the complete sum of all your thoughts.  And one thing many of us think about … a lot … is money. In my first post for the Campaign for a Sound Dollar,  I shared how my own thoughts on money had been skewed by a culture of […]

Personal Responsibility Wins the Government Debt Battle

“The path to a sound dollar starts with you” is not an arbitrary motto.  It was adopted by the Campaign for a Sound Dollar with a firm belief that  individual voices — yours and mine — could join a chorus of many others to demand financial sanity in Washington. But the reality of the campaign’s […]

What Do We Do When We Stop Running?

When Congress continually raises the budget ceiling … fails to reach even a modicum of common ground (let alone consensus) on ways to rein in government spending and/or to increase revenues to avoid painful cuts … and throws up its hands and points its blame-filled fingers toward the other party, it’s their way of telling […]

Dollar Wisdom from Euro Folly

Did you know that the euro just celebrated its 10th birthday? It’s hard to believe that just a decade ago, the currency came into the world with the bang of fireworks. And today, many prognosticators expect it will leave with a thud – or a whimper, for those who are invested in it – long before […]